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Learn about the maintenance methods of the prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-14
The waterfall is fearless against the cliff, so it sings the mighty song of life. The prefabricated house is a temporary integrated house for office and accommodation. It has the advantages of convenient installation, high reuse rate, economical benefits, and good wind and earthquake resistance. How to maintain the prefab house? The editor will take you to understand

1. Prevent rust: The prefab room adopts light steel structure, which is exposed to the wind and the sun for a long time. Avoid rusting, especially after the rain, the skeleton is more likely to rust if it is invaded by water, and the anti-corrosion paint is often applied.

2. Avoid heavy pressure: The prefab house is very different from our house structure. The exterior wall is made of color steel plate. It will cause great damage to the exterior wall panel by beating and heavy pressure. It is found that the color steel plate has holes. It is necessary to treat it with glass glue in time to prevent moisture and water.

3. Material selection: When we build prefab houses, we should not look at cheap prices. The materials should also meet the standards, such as 1.5MM for skeleton 8#C-shaped steel, 1.5MM for roof secondary beams, and L40-1.5MM for roof purlins. Good materials are more durable.

4. No private modification is prohibited: The prefab house is connected by steel structure nuts, the whole house is a whole, and the whole body is affected by one stroke. If you need to modify the layout, please contact the prefab house manufacturer.

5. Regularly clean the small advertisements on the movable board to keep the appearance of the movable board beautiful

The above introduction is how to maintain it when using the movable board room. You are helpful, if you also want to know more about the prefab house, you can pay attention to our website to browse!

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