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Lida Group: Leading the Way in Prefab and Modular Construction


Lida Group: Leading the Way in Prefab and Modular Construction

Lida Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of prefabricated and modular buildings in China. With over three decades of experience, the company has solid expertise in construction techniques and design know-how that allows it to produce high-quality products efficiently and cost-effectively.

The company's offerings cover a wide range, including camp houses, office containers, prefab buildings for temporary events and exhibitions, modular classrooms, and prefabricated houses. Lida uses steel and container as the primary materials for its structures, which enable fast assembly, durability, and high load-bearing capacity.

Lida's capabilities span the entire value chain of the building industry. Its in-house R&D team designs customized solutions based on client needs. The company then manufactures the structures at its multiple factories based on detailed engineering drawings. Once completed, Lida's fleet of trucks delivers and installs the final products at project sites across China. Its experienced erection team ensures smooth and proper assembly.

The company serves a diverse clientele, including government agencies, education institutions, property developers, and corporate customers from various industries. Lida has worked with many well-known brands and state-owned enterprises in China, having built over 2,000 projects to date.

Camp buildings and office containers are among Lida's best-known offerings. They provide temporary offices and accommodations for construction sites, mining camps, events, and other special purposes. Camp houses come fully furnished with interior fittings, electrical systems, air conditioning, and other amenities. Office containers offer fully-partitioned, plug-and-play workspaces that can be deployed quickly.

Prefabricated houses have become a major growth area for Lida Group in recent years. The company produces high-quality prefab homes that have the appearance and comfort of traditional buildings but at a lower cost and construction time. They feature advanced design and configurations, various sizes, installation flexibility, and excellent durability.

Lida's modular classrooms offer educational institutions a fast and cost-effective solution to address the needs of a rapidly expanding student population. The classrooms can be assembled in weeks and expanded over time as needed. They provide a conducive learning environment with all required facilities and features.

The company prides itself on its customer focus, innovative spirit, and quality management systems. It aims to fulfill orders accurately, on time and within budget for every client. Lida constantly upgrades its production methods, material selections, and design options to improve the functionality, liveability and aesthetics of its prefab structures. Its ISO 9001, CE certification and strictly followed production procedures ensure consistent product quality.

Looking ahead, Lida Group plans to further expand its product range and market share, especially in the fast-growing prefabricated housing sector. The company will reinforce its core competitive strengths by continuing to invest in advanced manufacturing technologies and an efficient supply chain network. It also plans to explore opportunities in global markets, exporting its expertise and high-quality construction solutions.

With a vision to become 'the most trusted brand for high-quality prefabricated buildings,' Lida Group is well positioned to lead the way in China's prefab and modular construction industry for many years to come. Its expertise, innovation and customer focus will enable it to propel this tech-driven sector forward and redefine the future of construction.

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