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The Achievements of LiDa Group in Steel Structures


The Achievements of LiDa Group in Steel Structures    
LiDa Group, founded in 1993, is a leading Chinese enterprise focused on the research, production, and sales of container housesprefab houses, steel structure buildings, and other integrated buildings. Over the past nearly three decades, the group has grown into an industry leader thanks to technological innovation and quality production in the field of steel structures.   

Lida started out producing container houses, prefabricated steel structures that use shipping containers as the basic building units. Leveraging the versatility, toughness, and reusable nature of containers, LiDa pioneered this innovative building method in China. The containers can be combined in various ways to form structures with different functions such as houses, hotels, stores, and more. The container houses not only save time and resources compared to traditional construction, but the steel structures make them sturdy and able to withstand earthquakes.   
As Lida accumulated experience and technological know-how in producing steel structures, it expanded into other product categories. In 1996, it began manufacturing building components like steel columns, beams, and trusses used in conventional building construction. This move allowed LiDa to enter the massive domestic building materials market. The company has since supplied steel structure components for thousands of projects across China, including factories, office buildings, shopping malls, and recreational facilities.   

Seeking to maximize the potential of steel as a construction material, Lida Group 2002 started researching the expansive use of high-strength steel. The group invested heavily in new welding and coating technologies which enabled the use of thicker and stronger steel profiles for building frames. This shortened the construction period and significantly increased the durability and longevity of structures built with LiDa steel.  

In the last decade, Lida's engineers have also focused on developing more complex and comprehensive steel structure systems suitable for commercial and residential high-rises. These systems integrate different components like columns, beams, braces, trusses, and slab systems in optimized ways to provide higher strength, stability, and design flexibility. Many modern skyscrapers and landmark buildings across China now feature Lida's innovative high-strength steel structure systems.  


Besides developing and producing various types of steel structures for buildings, Lida Group has excelled in the manufacture of steel bridges. Soon after starting its operations, the company entered the rapidly growing market for prefabricated steel bridges in China. Utilizing its advanced welding technology and strengthening steel alloys, Lida has produced thousands of bridge girders, trusses, and other components for highway overpasses and river crossings.  

Lida's record in steel structure bridges includes many pioneering projects as well. One of the Lida Group's most recent projects is: Hetao and Hongdao municipal supporting cross-Qinglan high-speed steel box girder bridge project. The innovative structure meant lower material costs, simpler construction, and higher durability under harsh environmental conditions. LiDa has also developed proprietary "welded steel box girder" technologies that allow the production of extremely rigid and lightweight bridge girders suitable for modern high-speed railways. Several high-speed rail projects in China now feature these girder systems.  


Today,  Lida Group has become a leader not only in China but also internationally in the field of steel structures. Its products including container houses, prefabricated houses, and steel structure components for buildings and bridges have been exported to over 148 countries and regions. The company has developed patented technologies for welding, coating, and structural design of various types of steel structures. And its engineers continue to push the boundaries of what is possible using steel as a construction material.      
 The achievements of Lida Group in the last three decades stand as a testament to Chinese innovative spirit and ingenuity. Starting from humble beginnings, the company has grown into an industry leader through constant technological progress and devotion to quality. Steel structures built by Lida have supported development across China while setting new benchmarks for durability, sustainability, and design. The group's success story shows what Chinese enterprises are capable of when given opportunities to realize their full potential.

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