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Life Tips: To live comfortably in a prefab house, you need to master some tips

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

The prefab house is a new type of housing, and its bright figure can be seen in many places now, and its various advantages are obvious to all, but in the use of prefab house In the process, you still need to master some small skills, and now I will briefly explain it to you. Note 1: Do not change the housing agency without authorization. In fact, this kind of mistake must not be made, because non-professional knowledge can easily lead to many problems if the structure of the prefabricated house is arbitrarily changed. This method is very undesirable. Note 2: Do a good job of anti-corrosion and waterproofing. Generally, it is not recommended to install toilet facilities in houses such as prefabricated houses. If it must be installed, sufficient anti-corrosion and waterproof work should be done, which is an inevitable requirement to ensure its use effect. Note 3: Do not disassemble parts at will. In normal use, it is best not to disassemble any parts of the prefab house at will, even small screws cannot be moved casually. Note 4: Do not jump at will. The prefabricated house is different from the general residence. It should be noted that do not jump or run randomly in the prefabricated house, which may have a certain impact on the stability of the house. Note 5: Remember not to use open flame stoves. In daily use, you'd better not use this product indoors, mainly because the prefab house has a certain degree of flammability, so it is very dangerous to be close to the fire source.

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