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by:Lida Group     2020-10-29
Prefabricated houses is very to see now, it can bring you a temporary home, let you outside your home feel the warmth of home, is when you live to the inside of the prefabricated houses for each of his parts or materials are very curious? Foshan light steel housing system co. , LTD. Is now to share with you the structure of prefabricated houses. A, roof, purlin, 40 Angle and some 50 channel steel girder using assembly welding of small time spell T type beam using 40 Angle. Two, Angle, Angle of steel column and column used in channel steel. Three, floor board using solid calcium silicate board. Fourth, wallboard for calcium silicate board. Five, the roof tile has two kinds: one kind is no nail type waterproof, thermal insulation, fire composite board. Another is to use color steel plate profiling slope lines, 840 type, set around the seal plate ( Red, green, yellow, blue, four so users can choose) Six, internal and external wall paint, so the steel structure housing component of paint. Seven, with ordinary wooden doors with luxurious ball head lock, window of push-pull type window, a room 2 window. For more detailed information about the prefabricated houses, you are welcome to login our official website WWW.
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Though the cost of these sustainability initiatives as prefab houses can be high, harnessing the power of an ethical supply chain to appeal to conscientious consumers can be a smart move both ethically and financially.
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