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Light steel keel material and classification

by:Lida Group     2022-01-26

The choice of materials is very important during decoration and construction. You need to choose the appropriate type of keel according to your actual needs and the decoration situation. So what is the material of the light steel structure building, what is the classification of the light steel structure building, and knowing more common sense of life will be of great help in the future life. The following editor will tell you about the light steel keel. material and classification. 1. What material is the light steel keel? Use aluminum alloy as the ceiling keel. The aluminum alloy material is electro-oxidized, bright, stainless, and soft in color. However, most of them are still made of hot-dip galvanized steel strips through multiple processes. We are a manufacturer of light steel keels. The phenomenon of peeling and falling off, and the light steel keel produced has good fire resistance. 2. Classification of light steel keel 1. Wooden keel The wood keel is made of soft wood materials that are easy to nail, such as pine and fir. The wooden keel should be straight, without twisting, hard bending and splitting. The section size of the main keel is 40mmx60mm, the section size of the secondary keel should be 30mmx40mm, and the section size of the hanging bars should be 50mmx70mm. With wooden keel, you can easily make various shapes. However, when using wooden keels, it should be noted that the wood must be dry. And for the sake of safety, the wooden keel is treated with fire prevention before use, and it is painted with moisture-proof and fire-proof paint. 2. The wall thickness of the light steel keel matching material of the light steel keel ceiling should not be less than 1mm, the primary and secondary keels and the connecting parts should be galvanized, and the coating should be intact. The keel should be straight, without bending and twisting. The hanging bars of the light steel keel should be made of steel bars, and the fixing parts are made of angle steel, and the specifications are generally 30mmx30mmx3mm. Both the hanging bars and the fixed angle steel should be painted with anti-rust paint. The ceiling metal keel is generally made of light steel and aluminum alloy, and has the characteristics of light weight, high rigidity, good fire resistance and earthquake resistance, and convenient processing and installation. According to the section of the profile, there are U-shaped keel and T-shaped keel. Light steel structure building has the advantages of light weight, high strength, good corrosion resistance, etc., and is mainly used in conjunction with gypsum board and its products. 3. When choosing this type of aluminum alloy keel, it should be noted that the wall thickness should not be less than 0.8mm, and the surface should be treated with anti-corrosion methods such as anodizing, spraying or baking paint. When purchasing, it should be noted that the anti-corrosion layer on the surface should be intact and not damaged. Qualified aluminum alloy keel should be straight and without distortion. The keel is selected to be matched. When purchasing an aluminum gusset, buy it together with the matching keel to prevent inconvenience due to mismatched models. For bathrooms that need to install ceiling lights, exhaust fans, Yuba and other electrical appliances, it is more important to reserve the installation position in advance and fix it on the keel, otherwise the aluminum gusset will fall off due to excessive force. It is recommended to reserve an inspection port. If the inspection port is not reserved, once a problem occurs, it will be very troublesome to maintain.

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