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Light steel keel material and classification

by:Lida Group     2020-07-17
Decorate construction when the choice of materials is very important, the advantages and disadvantages of different material of the keel is different, the houses feature is also different, so in the choose and buy when decorate still need according to the actual needs of their situation to choose suitable keel type. So what material is the light steel keel, light steel keel what classification, understand the life little common sense, some will be of great help to the following life, light steel keel below small make up just to tell you about the material composition and classification. What material is the one, light steel keel useful aluminum ceiling keel, through electrolytic oxidation treatment, the aluminum alloy material, stainless, color soft light. But now mostly use hot dip galvanized steel strip rolling through multi-channel technology, we combined pavilion is the production of light steel keel manufacturer, we have the production of light steel keel, flat shape, edges and corners clear, incision without burr and deformation, without peeling and fall off phenomenon, and the production of light steel keel good fire resistance. Second, the classification of light steel keel 1, selection of wooden keel keel of pine, fir, easy to nail soft wood square material. Wooden keel should be straight, no distortion, bending and fracturing, etc. The section size of main keel is 40 mmx60mm, section size should be 30 times keel mmx40mm, 50 mmx70mm steel hanger section size should be. With the wooden keel, can do all sorts of modelling is convenient. However, using wooden keel must pay attention to the wood drying. And to be on the safe side, wooden keel before use fire prevention, moisture-proof and fire-proof coatings on brush. 2, light steel keel, ceiling light steel keel is tie-in materials of galvanized sheet thickness should not be less than 1 mm, keel and fittings should be handled by the galvanized, primary and secondary coating should be in good condition without damage. Keel should be straight, no bending and distortions. Light steel keel steel hanger should be made of steel and fixed with Angle steel, specifications for 30 mmx30mmx3mm commonly. Steel hanger and fixed Angle shall be antirust paint. Ceiling keel metal is made of light steel and aluminum alloy, which commonly have weight light, stiffness big, fire prevention good aseismic performance, processing and installation is convenient wait for a characteristic, according to the section points, have U keel and T keel. Light steel keel has the advantage of light deadweight, high strength, good corrosion etc, mainly with gypsum board and its products. 8 mm, surface should be the methods of anodized, coating or paint anticorrosion treatment. When the choose and buy should pay attention to the surface of the coating should be in good condition, without damage. Qualified aluminum alloy keel should be straight, no distortions. Keel choose to form a complete set. Buy aluminous gusset plate, even the keel of form a complete set to buy together, prevent the inconvenience due to model mismatch. Should be installed for the dome light, exhaust fan, electric equipment such as bath bully between wei yu, more attention should be paid to reserve a good installation position ahead of time, should be fixed on the keel, otherwise will aluminous gusset plate because of the heavy stress and loss. To set aside access port, if not reserved access port, once appear problem, will be very trouble to repair.
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