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Light steel villa 10 questions, all your questions are here?

by:Lida Group     2022-01-25

10 questions of light steel villa, where are all your questions? 1. What should I do if the gypsum board or calcium-silicon board of the interior wall is rotten when touched by a child? I heard that the interior walls are particularly prone to deformation, right? A: At present, the interior walls are all made of calcium silicate, and gypsum board is used for the ceiling. The calcium silicate board has high strength, light weight, good machinability and non-combustibility; the inner wall board is fixed on the light steel keel, and then decorated and covered. The design and construction meet the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications. The inner wall will not be deformed without special external force (such as: large earthquake, man-made damage, etc.). Tested by the National Building Materials Testing Center, the flexural strength of the calcium silicate board used by the company is about 12MPa, which is equivalent to 120kg, so it will not be easily damaged or deformed. 2. Is the light steel villa firm? Will the external force cause the villa to collapse? Answer: Light steel villas meet the requirements of architectural design and construction specifications from design to construction, and also meet their architectural requirements in such issues as earthquake resistance and typhoon resistance; other force majeure factors (such as war, flash floods, mudslides, etc.) Under the same type of building, there is no guarantee. Note: Earthquakes of magnitude 9, hurricanes of 70 m/s. 3. How to calculate the freight? Can you give a reference value? A: Due to the different road conditions of the project site, the price of round-trip vehicles varies. About 200km, a 13m-long truck will cost 15 to 20 yuan/KM. (The specific company logistics department will quote according to the project characteristics) There is no specific price for the freight of Dingrongjia light steel villa materials. The freight is about 10,000 yuan, but it can also be budgeted according to the situation: 8 yuan per 100 square kilometers, such as 430 kilometers from Loudi, Hunan to a certain place, then build a set of San Diego freight about: 430* (192*0.08 ) u003d 6605 yuan, the final logistics accounting shall prevail. 4. Can your light steel villa get a real estate certificate? A: Yes, as long as your homestead is legal, you can follow the normal procedures by yourself. As long as your building land is approved by the government, you can get the title certificate, which is subject to local policies. 5. Can I pass the security check? Can you pass an EIA? Answer: Yes, the company designs and constructs in accordance with the national standard 'Technical Regulations for Low-rise Cold-Formed Thin-walled Steel Housing Construction'. The materials have passed the relevant national testing departments and have corresponding testing reports. 6. Are the floors and stairs solid? Answer: The design and construction of floors and stairs conform to the requirements of the national architectural design and construction specifications. There is no such problem in all structural parts. The floors and stairs are designed according to the mechanical requirements, and the load they carry is also measured. . The plate and the light steel keel are fixed by professional screws, which are very firm. 7. Are the materials used in light steel houses safe? A: The light steel materials and other building materials used by the company all meet the relevant standards and requirements, have a certificate of conformity, and have passed the inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that they are qualified. Light steel villa is a technology originated from the United States. It has been developed for decades in developed countries and is very safe. Of course, our country also has its own standards. The standard of light steel villas is higher than the relevant national standards, please rest assured! Design parameters: (1), suitable for areas where the intensity of resistance is required to be 8 degrees; (2), can withstand typhoons of level 12; (3), the roof load can reach 1.55KN/㎡, which is equivalent to about 3m thick in the northeast and about 3m in Xinjiang. 1.5m thick; (4) The fire resistance limit of the building meets the 2.5H design standard. 8. How many years can it be used? What is the maintenance of the house in the later period? A: There is no problem in normal use for 70 years. In addition to the free maintenance period, we provide paid services. According to the requirements of construction projects, the company promises to ensure that the main body of the house will not be damaged for 50 years under normal conditions, and the exterior decoration and special structural parts also have a corresponding warranty period; To meet the requirements of every owner. 9. What should I do if I need to punch holes in the wall during decoration? Answer: For such problems, the company will pre-embed or do special treatment to the corresponding reserved holes, pre-hanging components and other structural parts according to the owner's requirements in the early design stage and the building construction stage, and mark the corresponding positions to meet the owner's normal requirements. Use requirements to ensure that subsequent renovations are not affected. 10. Will the wall structure be easily damaged? A: The company's light steel villas meet the requirements of the national building aggregate and construction specifications, and such conventional external forces will not cause substantial damage to the walls. If the external wall is damaged due to special external force, in view of the characteristics of the company's light steel villa, the external wall and decoration of the house can be partially dismantled and repaired in a small range.

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