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Light steel villa, can withstand an earthquake?

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
Now building gradually tends to industrialization, standardization, light steel villa is one of them. Light steel villa do not need to be a brick in the building process, make a lot of people feel insecure, fear that this house can't live. Let's take a look at this house, what's so special about exactly by not withstand test! Light steel structure building, its main material is synthesized from aluminum hot dip galvanized steel strip after cold rolling technology of light steel keel. Aluminium zinc steel plate, aluminum zinc alloy structure is made up of 55% aluminum, 43. With 1 4% zinc. 6% silicon at 600 ℃ high temperature solidification and composition, its whole structure by aluminum - iron - silicon - zinc, forming dense four yuan form crystals, to form a layer of strong barrier to prevent from corrosion factor through wear. Light steel keel, light steel keel structure of the steel surface of special anticorrosive processing, mainly include the aluminum plating zinc and galvanized, according to relevant data, the anticorrosive coating can protect 300, far more than the use fixed number of year of the country's permanent buildings. CCTV approached science once did an experiment, the aluminum zinc plating material light steel in the salt fog test performance is good, a lot of net friend saw were surprised call can't believe the comments were noisy over, says stereotypes are not reliable. Reinforced: without any protection reinforced the rust right normal sintering: have a simple ordinary sintering coating, corrosion serious light steel: only the light steel aluminum zinc plated surface smooth and no rust trace seismic performance light weight light steel structure building, light steel wall components connected by self-drilling screw machinery for the most part, determines the natural seismic performance of light steel structure system. Due to earthquake activity for the left and right and up and down, so use fasteners of light steel structure formed a box, security and stability will not appear because of the earthquake shaking collapsed wall or floor off the endanger personal safety. When the earthquake intensity of 9, can satisfy the requirement of not collapsed.
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