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Light steel villa is not the same as the prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-18
A lot of people think the light steel villa is prefabricated houses, though both have many similarities. Are to be carried out by the transport to the site after the factory assembly, is belongs to the construction speed is quick, is flexibility is strong, can be mobile, etc. These things in common. But the difference is very big still. What is the difference between light steel villa and prefabricated house? A: material of prefabricated houses is choi steel, simplify. Very suitable for site temporary buildings. The materials of the light steel villa are light steel keel and European pine board, glass fiber cotton, extruded board, gypsum board. Light steel keel, as a skeleton of a light steel villa, the wall material is the pine board, glass fiber cotton, extruded board, gypsum board. These materials to make light steel villa has the effect of heat preservation, sound insulation, fire prevention. 2: framework is h, the framework of prefabricated housing construction form is single. The light steel villa is the framework of h-beam, C payments. Architectural form, suitable for various kinds of buildings. Three: use prefabricated housing easy assembly, easy handling, suitable for all kinds of temporary building, use fixed number of year. Therefore, not suitable for long-term living. Generally used in the camps, camps, construction of residential buildings. Light steel villa, use fixed number of year of 70, suitable for living for a long time, is commonly used in high-grade club leisure place, since the building rural suburbs self-built villas, residential communities, the five layers of the villa building. Four: prefabricated house price compared to the price and the price of the light steel villa, the light steel villa price is quite high.
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