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Light steel villa rise from about six o 'clock

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
1, light steel structure building technology is now mature, but now we know about light steel structure is relatively small, but there is no lack of many of the people who smell has started to seize the opportunity. 2, countries are advocating energy conservation and environmental protection, recycling of green buildings and housing industrialization, industrialization, and light steel villa as green building & throughout; Excellent representative, is almost meet all the requirements, become a focus at all levels of government and real estate developers, investors, a new type of industry. The State Council general office on guidance of vigorously developing the prefabricated construction ', 'the implementation of the new city construction engineering clay brick use special inspection notice, such as the policy points out the potential of the light steel villa, and main work goal is in central urban area of sichuan amounted to more than 50% in 2020, this would be a good trend in the development of light steel villa. 3, as the country clay brick factory shut down & throughout; Policy, the national land for the use of cultivated land and forest land change as clay brick factory, many areas of red brick factory, solid clay brick factory also full closure due to policy guidance. Investment in new energy-saving environmental protection projects is the inevitable trend of future development. 4, the light steel villa itself has: earthquake, wind, moistureproof, prevent termites, fast construction and so on many advantage, in conformity with the energy conservation and environmental protection of the world theme, because it has so many advantages, in the future field of low-rise buildings of light steel villa industry will develop rapidly. 5, along with the advancement of the socialization process, people living standard rise, the public's aesthetic is also rising, the traditional domestic architecture is can't meet the needs of the masses, and light steel villa building design and flexibility of light steel material, it is likely to achieve all kinds of style of architecture. So, beautiful appearance, the more popular light steel villa is gradually replacing the traditional brick concrete house. 6, at present, China's steel structure building accounted for less than 5%, and the developed countries, compared to nearly 50% of our country is still in its infancy, the steel structure housing also has the very big development space. According to the forward-looking industry institute market forecast, the future of steel structure house is expected to move one trillion yuan of the green building market, so the light steel structure of the prospect.
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