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Live container do the housing what are the advantages than the prefabricated houses

by:Lida Group     2020-07-10
Live container do the housing than prefabricated houses what are the advantages to make container trailer manufacturers provide production container office, warehouse, container box, containers, container dormitory toilet, and so on. To provide you with free design, measurement and private ordering. Live container do the housing than prefabricated houses what are the advantages of 1. Structure for people of container trailer for the whole welded joint institutions, the framework of than prefabricated houses more strong, more earthquake resistant, resistance to fall, more about typhoon, fire prevention, sound insulation, more beautiful, more comfortable, 2. Decorate no one-time use of facilities, have been finished in the factory, is quicker than the prefabricated houses, ten minutes can do installation, can be in one hour at 3 cost move move without disassembly, lossless, recycled, both to save money - and 4. Use flexible to move anywhere at any time increase or decrease in the room number, more flexible than prefabricated houses, for have the space restrictions on construction site, lives one container sometimes very big

5. Venues to

often features convenient transportation for 1 change work place unit 2 durable room body is composed of steel, all have strong earthquake resistance to deformation ability 3 sealing good, strict manufacturing process make the trailer has the very good sealing 4 can free combination space, such as office, kitchen, toilet size; Can be set up on the second floor structure, save floor space can be customized any size 5, if you have any special requirements can be customized to figure 6 flexible layout, doors and Windows can be installed in any position, interior partition can be set in any horizontal axis, the stairs can be installed in indoor or outdoor

7 container house service life of at least 15 years, can use repeatedly, saving cost of rental. Site without cement hardening, stronger than the adaptability of prefabricated houses

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