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Live container for development of the fashion by the recognition of consumers

by:Lida Group     2020-10-15
Live one container momentum just at present, it is a living person's prefabricated houses, as modern inclusive of things, one container and recognized by consumers. Of these, the main reason is to container growing development of the fashion. Live one container has the advantage that it can move anywhere, anytime, portable, bring people more convenient and comfortable life; Indoor power supply for the solar panels, solar water heater to provide heating and water, and purified by indoor shower drainage and life sewage treatment system, in order to reuse in use, at the same time do a good job in security protection, especially to prevent electrical equipment, container house according to the number of different personnel, can be made into different sizes of container LiuDongFang. Architectural design, some low carbon, low cost, short time limit, removable transport characteristics of container modular tool, also can through space at the same time, material, containers, objective conditions in the process of architectural design, container module utilities should fully consider the advantages and disadvantages maximize its structural advantage. Container to building a house is a kind of new ideas for development, a new breakthrough in the study of the trend of the future, it green ecological environmental protection, save time and effort, very flexible use of changeable, relative to the traditional Chinese corporate housing can provide homes for more choice, individuals, families, and even a city can get community work, a country house is made of steel box can also be full of fashionable culture breath, the house is too expensive, can't afford to buy a container can be put to use, clever design adornment, cost performance far exceeds the house, very friendly to the environment.
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