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Live container into the housing is a beautiful scenery

by:Lida Group     2020-07-11
Live container into the housing is a beautiful scenery

this live one container house was caused by channel integral welding and become, strong, and the use of foam is also the flameproof, and sound insulation effect, inside a very complete infrastructure, two aluminium alloy window in the room, equipped with all kinds of socket on the wall, door, window, air conditioning, lights, floor. Every container around the screw holes, where needed, just to lift the four Angle of container crane, can move at any time.

live person of container house, the house is very cheap, very convenient also, meet the demand of the part of the market, can also reduce the anger against society by high prices; Also solve because of the high prices or economic income is low and can't afford to buy room person, and some of the floating population living on the edge of the city life. To a certain extent, to the phenomenon of housing prices rising too fast, has certain inhibitory effect. At present in our country, live one container has been recognized by many consumer groups society, believe that people live container in the near future will be rapid development, growing up.

container as a kind of advanced transportation equipment are widely used by people, and therefore was known. Someone for container to be modified, however, opened the door and window industry leading to decorate, deserve to go to bed, sofa and other furniture and electrical appliances, turn it into a container house. The container house with our normal lives almost no difference. In Britain and other developed countries, on the one hand, housing shortage, on the other hand port accumulated a lot of waste container. So someone will it into the old container house. Different color of container house became a city and a scenery line.

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