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Live container trailer can reduce the pressure of high housing prices

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
Live container house can reduce the pressure of high housing prices in

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in the affordable housing supply is tight or have strict limits on the buyer, under the condition of development 'container prefabricated houses may be in the future to solve the problem of low income housing difficult an effective way. 'Famous real estate marketing planning experts think Xie Yifeng. He said that at present China is unlikely in the short term to implement the policy of container house, but, at least can take 'container houses in some cities' or individual cities 'pilot' manner, appropriate release, after waiting for the time is right, in the nationwide implementation and a wide range of promotion and distribution.

'container houses' small cost, meet the demand of the construction market, live container trailer can reduce the pressure of high housing prices. To solve because of the high prices or lower economic income and the one who can't afford to buy a house, and some of the floating population living on the edge of the city life. Finally, to a certain extent, to the phenomenon of housing prices rising too fast, has certain inhibitory effect. In his view, 'the government should seriously consider this is related to people's livelihood big problem'.

the Brighton container flat

in fact, his advice earlier and has attracted the attention of a great part of the officials. Qingdao xiu-qi song, vice President of Chinese people's political consultative conference (CPPCC) recently wrote about solve the housing difficulties of urban disadvantaged groups, promote construction of container house '. He believes that the emergence of container houses, a batch of affordable housing for rapid construction, provides conditions for the use of all kinds of special groups. Mainly can meet the urban low income family housing low-rent housing, rural migrant workers rental housing, new graduate transitional housing, transitional housing, activity of the relocated people camp housing purposes.

xiu-qi song thinks, at present in our country, the container recycling is in start level, the construction of container houses belong to the emerging industry, the whole society don't know much, not enough attention, in such aspects as construction land and planning approval, there is no corresponding policy support. To this, he suggested: strengthening propaganda, improve the social recognition, incorporate the construction of container house residential construction of unified planning, formulate preferential policies to promote rapid development container housing construction.

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