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Live hammered notes on what? - Live hammered notes on what?

by:Lida Group     2020-11-08
Use of prefabricated houses in the corresponding place use is more, prefabricated housing assembly and disassembly operation is simple, can solve temporary need. Need to pay attention to the humans that live in prefabricated houses, residential notes: ( A) Prefabricated houses after the installation complete, the user shall not change the structure, shall not remove any bolts artifacts, shall not be increased or decreased partition, such as the need to change should be only after consultation with our factory agreed to change, or accept the consequences of the user. ( 2) is a steel structure of the connection, the user electricity lighting equipment, wires cannot be directly binding on steel structure, shall be installed slot line pipe or isolation, lest produce an electric shock. ( 3) Light steel structure should be 1 - 2 years maintenance paint again, to extend the service life of the product and keep beautiful. Learn more relevant details, please visit our company website: WWW.
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