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Live one container according to difference of manufacturing can be divided into which a few kinds

by:Lida Group     2020-07-02
Live one container according to the manufacture of which can be divided into several different

live people container house is a new generation of products, depending on the manufacturing can be divided into three types, one is a modified type one container, one is welded in one container, another is fabricated to container. Modified live one container is modified using second-hand container equipped with appropriate location to open doors and Windows around the second-hand container, and internally laid floor, decorate metope and smallpox, make indoor environment more suitable for living, and let the container internal insulation performance more on a stage. For people of this type of container is characterized by strong, but the price is higher, and specification is fixed, the width is only 2. 4 meters, at present the commonly used only on certain occasions, not suitable for large-scale promotion.

welded live one container is currently the most used one container type, using raw materials for manufacturing, unlimited in quantity, and the price container is a lot cheaper than modified type living people, can be mass production and use of specifications generally is six metres long, 3 metres wide, more easy to promote the use of such specifications, can be used in the construction site for collective dormitory, put 4 - inside Five iron bed, upper and lower left between one meter wide channel, so that we can more fully use the living space of the container, also let people have more sufficient mobile space, can be more comfortable life. Now welded lives container is widely used in construction sites, provide people with dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, office and other different USES to container products. Prefabricated live one container as one container and the advantages of prefabricated houses, modular production, each part will be produced, transported to the site for assembly, above such transportation more convenient, and live in one container of stronger than can be guaranteed. For people of this type of container price is much higher, the current is commonly used to export, so that transportation cost is lower.
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