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Live one container is an effective way to solve the low income housing difficult

by:Lida Group     2020-06-30
Live one container is an effective way to solve the low income housing difficult to build a house with container is a new way of thinking, it is green, save time and effort, very flexible, relative to the traditional housing can provide homes for more choice, individuals, families, and even can get a community, a house is made of steel box can also be full of fashionable breath, very friendly to the environment. Container house in China, more are under construction site, etc. , and container house, also is a kind of prefabricated houses. This kind of living people container is given priority to with site lease for workers to dwell in, there are also some private rent and buy. Container house is the biggest advantage of cheap, 3 * 6 m container, rental price is 5 yuan/day, only need 180 yuan a month, a year is 2160 yuan. If you want to buy, every price 10000 yuan, can also be customized according to buyers' demand. Experts believe that in the affordable housing supply more nervous or buyer is the limited cases, development 'in one container' may be the future effective way to solve the problem of low income housing difficult. Container house, again, is a kind of fashion trends and building system impact, can be moved to the country, anytime and anywhere to bring people a more convenient and comfortable life. By solar photovoltaic panels for indoor use electricity, solar energy water heater heating, water supply, indoor shower, purifies water discharge from the sewage treatment system, in order to use again. According to the number of personnel is different, can produce different sizes of container house. The emergence of container house solves the above these problems of the housing construction industry. First of all, it is solid, no matter how much wind there is no problem, its weight nearly 1. 5 tons, so bearing no problem. People live there is a sense of security, instant is windy season in the north. Container sealing is very good, can do waterproof fire prevention windproof, some need sealing products can use a new type of container house, fire prevention performance is better than the previous foam thermal insulation layer, the container room USES now is rock wool insulation layer or polyurethane thermal insulation layer, the fire rating of these two kinds of material can meet the national standards. Suitable for kitchen need to have fire prevention function such as functional container houses.
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