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Live one container will be the wave of the future construction

by:Lida Group     2020-07-18
Live one container will be the wave of the future architecture

early one container, appearance is ordinary, simple container appearance, nothing to let a person attention; Style of a single, only a few specifications, normally just do dormitories for workers on the construction site; Decorate inflexible, unified mode of decoration, unified indoor facilities arrangement, and unified the doors and Windows design. Along with the development of the living one container for one container to cause the attention of some people, they live one container for creative design, make its can be used in in addition to other USES for collective dormitory construction site accident, such as living people container office, living containers kitchen, living container toilet, etc. These creative living people container appear greatly expand the living one container use, enables the live one container to play more role.

prices rising has led some people to give up the plan to purchase ordinary houses, and in the presence of the container has attracted the attention of them, they think live container relative to average house price is very cheap, but also strong and durable enough, so people living containers, container can be normal living of people used for individual housing. This container has caused great sensation, live on container humble abode in the network, the news media widely attention, people focus on one container, a lot of places didn't concern to container have been reported, be attention.

'with the number of live people container using purpose also gradually discovered by the people, for supermarkets, shopping centres, cinemas and mobile booth, etc. At present, more and more people begin to customize to meet the requirements of their living containers, such as personal housing, villas, hotel, office, etc. These custom live one container have difference on the appearance and structure, make live one container produced more personalized. Live one container price associated with the requirements of custom, the higher requirements, the higher the price, some low requirements, the price also is more cheaper. Now many people live in container were similar in appearance, give a person the sense of monotony, higher request for some customers, such container product cannot meet their demands. These customers tend to be customized to meet the requirements of their live one container products, design the above have more requirements, such as spraying different colors of paint, more unique fashion, many customers will spray coating on the outside of the living one container or posted on your company's logo and slogan, reflects its own characteristics, make people can know from the appearance of the live person container belongs to which company, more distinctively unique.

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