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Live one container with traditional mobile scaffolding which is more time

by:Lida Group     2020-07-07
Live one container with traditional mobile scaffolding which more time

in the production of living person of container house in the build time, and green environmental protection? Living space is both safe and comfortable, and full of creative space? Container architecture gives the answer. Live one container with traditional mobile scaffolding which more time?

container as the basic module, the manufacturing model, in the factory assembly line manufacturing to complete the construction and interior structure of each module, transported to the construction site, according to the different USES and function quickly combined into container buildings of different styles, Hotels, homes, schools, dormitories, workshop, warehouse, exhibition hall, etc. ) 。 It like electric vehicles, wireless Internet is considered to be most likely to change one of the most important invention in the next decade lifestyle.

with the traditional building, it is more environmental protection, more efficient, safer and more convenient in traditional building method, from foundation to the molding must be in site a brick pile, and the containers will be introduced to the container element prefabricated building system, it retains the concept container size, sets can be moving and lifting functions with one whole, in a single module in the factory to complete the flow process of mass production, in the construction site only for assembly and splicing, the housing construction time reduced by more than 60%, and it, in the form of mechanized production instead of manual labor costs can be at least 70%, and make the scene management, material storage and construction safety to get the best guarantee, at the same time to develop the circular economy into their strategic business, with both the container as the basic module modified housing, make full use of existing resources, use of container steel column and side wall itself is building the stress characteristics of steel structure, the container free combination of modular units form the basic structure of building, in the process of building to save the use of steel and concrete, achieve energy conservation and environmental protection.

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