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Live people mainly reflected in which aspects of container architecture

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
Live one container architecture mainly reflected in which aspects of the application of

application of live one container architecture is mainly in the following aspects:

container application of temporary housing.

the container buildings in many of the post-disaster reconstruction work as temporary housing for use, on the one hand, container transport medium can be used as relief supplies, the other party after unloading the goods can be directly on the use of as a temporary shelter, the supplies and temporary living two functions. For example will use the container architecture of our country after the wenchuan earthquake as a temporary schoolhouse, using this kind of architectural form has good fire wind resistance, shockproof safety features, and its wall is improved has good thermal insulation cold performance, safe and comfortable; And around its also joined the fire insulation, and body with the floor together as a whole, stronger stability. In the natural disasters occur, container buildings due to the material and the stability of the structure of the light, can the greatest degree of avoid damage to the internal use. The service life of container buildings generally between 15 to 20 years, and because that can be recycled, so will not cause environmental pollution.

flat container application of students

school students apartment is one of the important building in the school buildings, school each year for the number of students in school can not accurately measured calculation, thus the number of schools cannot be set. Brick buildings both increase or decrease is extremely inconvenient, will increase the use of a lot of land, if idle is a waste of resources, then USES the container as a student apartment building, can effectively solve the problem of this kind, look from the exterior, there is no difference between container apartment with a group of students, on the function and comfort is higher also, and lower cost, stronger workability. At present there are many areas in China began to try using container as students apartment building.

brand concept stores live in one container application

live one container house has both drag the advantages of easy disassembly, easy moving, firm, and also in the personality of fashion can give full play to the director. Zurich FREITAG flagship store is one of the typical representatives. The building is like a towering art stood near the edge of the highway in Zurich city. Because of its unique design ideas and FREITAG absolute environmental protection and fashion brand, make the Zurich, the building became the symbol of the city.

public class live in one container application

the overseas container buildings not only involves the residential, commercial and other fields, and is applied in the reform of public buildings. Compared with the traditional architectural form, container building one of the biggest advantage is transferable. The design and construction can realize the global standardization and maturity of global container shipping network and container mechanical connections also ensure that the containers can be continuously beyond the reconstruction.

live one container application of economy hotel

container residential building gradually in recent 10 years from the personalized design to the specialized system. Container building hotel is a new 'accommodation revolution', London has the world's first recyclable container hotel. Its using containers to build hotel subjects, rely on bolt riveted together, tries to use for future overall demolition, not only save the cost, improve the speed, and the biggest extent, reduce the damage to the environment.

live person container application of affordable housing is out of the humble abode, affordable housing has become one of the most important livelihood issues, in reality, there are serious security room around money and range of different cost control problems, container houses could be its low-cost and modular features good solve these problems.
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