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Living container homes has become more and more popular, and contrast of caigang houses have what advantage

by:Lida Group     2020-07-13
Living container homes has become more and more popular, and colored houses compared to what's the advantage of

container living people, is one of the trailer. Rent to live a man container to site workers live, there are some individuals to buy or rent. The advantage of the container is cheap.

3 * 6 m container, rental price is 6 yuan/day, only need 180 yuan a month, a year is 2160 yuan. If you want to buy, every price 10000 yuan, can be made buyers demand. Pay attention to fire prevention is often happened, the construction site of the current fire if you are using a live person is bubble choi steel container, so also must pay attention to fire prevention.

1, please don't close to the wall welding construction;

2, winter heating oven should be equipped with fire protection device;

3, need to be waterproof processing container houses, it is strictly prohibited in the building materials using a blowtorch;

4, indoor cable should be used when the metal tube, should be reliable grounding or using refractory tube. Need through the wall also should add casing protection; As far as possible on the ground with

choi steel live one container due to the weight of the lighter than the steel structure, in case of an 8 winds, may be the wind, the possible danger, advice, when using choi steel container should be like structures, caigang room, have a fixed at the bottom of the device. In inland areas is not serious, but in China's coastal cities, often suffer from typhoon, container house trailer should be fixed.

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