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Living person has a large container, because often used for the occasion

by:Lida Group     2020-10-23
Live one container with structures, simple, convenient disassembly, transport the advantages of fast, now became a temporary shelter. In the project, staff accommodation, streets, control box, entrance guard room after a disaster such as container can be seen. Therefore, live one container demand is big, because often used for the occasion. A: overlay class chamber room set up the box when room is the most common, on some projects, the cabinet room is used as the residence of workers; In remote villages, if the school rebuilding, box-type room will be used as temporary classrooms of children in class, and at the same time workers residence; In the event of natural disasters, such as earthquake damaged, residents house chamber room also can be used as a room. Chamber room no matter from the appearance, quality, are better than traditional example room. 2: established chamber room mainly some businessmen used temporary events, used as a mobile command post, you can look at some of the exhibition, the exhibition venue, to cabinet room already replaced the improvised tents, merchants have more rows of the display. 3: used as the storage and the words of the modelling design of box-type room will not require very high, also not used to living people, as long as strong, moisture-proof. And also don't need to have Gao Baowen sexual characteristics, such as the lower chamber room request. Office class 4: this is mainly used in the project, such as the subway project, in addition to used as home workers, the project office in such places, the requirement to the cabinet room is of low cost, convenient transportation. Now a vast market and constructing projects are everywhere, box office class room also naturally is very popular. Class 5: for private use this category but chamber room most design feeling, specifications and standards are higher. Hobby friend in architectural design, often using box-type room design art house, or even into tourist attractions, exclusive villas and so on, this need has prompted chamber room to function more comprehensive and more upscale design development.
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