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Low carbon environmental protection is the biggest advantage of container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-11

Now people advocate low carbon and environmental protection, and the excellent reason why container houses can impress customers is low carbon and environmental protection. After all, in the case of serious pollution of modern buildings and excessive energy consumption, which destroys the urban ecological environment, low carbon has been mentioned in an unprecedented important position. Container house

Compared with traditional building houses in terms of residential function, some of the advantages of container houses make the latter feel ashamed. Since the container house adopts the mode of 'factory manufacturing + on-site installation* The consumption of materials, manpower and financial resources.

Taking the 10,000-square-meter student apartment of a city vocational and technical college as an example, the construction water consumption of container house is 1/30 of that of brick-concrete structure house compared with that of brick-concrete structure house. Concrete loss is 1/50; construction waste and decoration waste are reduced by about 99%, concrete usage is reduced by about 9,800 cubic meters, construction water consumption is reduced by about 1,450 tons, and construction waste is reduced by about 495 tons; the recycling rate of building materials is higher than that of traditional buildings. Compared with brick-concrete structure houses, the overall energy saving is about 50%.

In addition, the 50mm rock wool board used in the container house is still 2 times higher than the 250mm brick-concrete wall used in the traditional brick-concrete structure house. Under the huge advantages, there is reason to believe that container houses, as a new type of energy-saving and consumption-reducing buildings, will be laid out all over the country. Low-carbon and environmentally friendly container houses will bring you the warmth of home, the breath of nature, and the joy of life.

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