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Main points of fire protection of prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-25

Prefab house, as a temporary building, is favored by people because of its convenient movement, beautiful and durable appearance, and good indoor thermal insulation performance, and is widely used in various engineering sites. , temporary housing in disaster areas, etc. However, with the extensive use of prefab houses, many fires occur every year. Therefore, the fire safety of the prefab house cannot be ignored.

In the market, most of the prefab houses are made of color steel sandwich panels composed of color-coated steel sheets on the outer layer and EPS or polyurethane as the core material. The core material EPS is a rigid foam with a closed cell structure. It is made of viscous polystyrene particles. It has a low ignition point, is easy to burn, generates large smoke and is highly toxic. In addition, the color steel plate has a large heat transfer coefficient and poor fire resistance. When it encounters high temperature or the core material EPS is exposed to the fire source, it is easily ignited. As a result, the chimney effect spreads horizontally, and the fire danger is extremely high. In addition, privately pulling the wires randomly, or laying the wires out of specification, using high-power electrical appliances, throwing cigarette butts everywhere, etc., can easily cause fires. To prevent fire, we must start from the following aspects;

1. Conscientiously implement the fire safety responsibility system, strengthen the user's fire safety awareness, do a good job in fire safety training, and improve protection awareness.

2. Strengthen the daily fire safety management of the prefab house, prohibit the use of high-power electrical appliances in the prefab house, and cut off all power in time when leaving the room. It is forbidden to use open flames in the room, and it is forbidden to use the prefab room as a kitchen, power distribution room, and inflammable and explosive goods warehouse.

3. The laying of electrical circuits must meet the requirements of the specification, all wires should be laid openly and covered with flame retardant pipes. Keep the lamps a safe distance from the wall. Illuminated fluorescent lamps use electronic ballasts, and coil inductive ballasts cannot be used. When the wire passes through the color steel sandwich panel wall, it must be covered with a non-combustible plastic tube. Qualified leakage protection devices and short-circuit overload switches should also be installed in each panel house.

4. When the prefabricated room is used as a dormitory, the doors and windows should be opened outwards, and the beds should not be placed too densely, and a safe passage should be reserved. Equipped with a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, installed indoor fire hydrants, and ensured that the water flow and pressure meet the requirements.

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