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Maintenance methods of container customization in different periods

by:Lida Group     2022-02-17

Maintenance methods of container customization in different periods

How to maintain unoccupied container houses

Container customization is not used What are the main aspects that should be paid attention to in order to promote the use of residential containers for a long time to a large extent? First of all, the sun protection of the container is actually a great source of damage. Direct sunlight on any object every day can cause damage to the object. The residential container is no exception, so when storing the residential container, pay attention to the sunshade. Similarly, when it rains, you should also take precautions against rain. Similarly, water will also corrode the living container.

How to maintain container customization during transportation

In the use of residential containers, the main concern is that during transportation, When encountering obstacles and scratching the protective layer on the surface of the living container, the living container is easily eroded, reducing the overall service life of the living container. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid some obstacles that may collide during transportation.

How to maintain the container customization in use

In the use of residential containers, it is mainly necessary to do fire prevention, anti-corrosion, waterproof, etc. measure.

Fire is a common occurrence on the current construction site. If the container prefab you use is made of foam color steel plate, you must pay more attention to fire prevention.

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