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Matters needing attention in the movement of residential containers

by:Lida Group     2023-01-30

With the widespread use of residential containers, it is particularly important to understand the precautions for moving residential containers. Because the living container is easy to move, many people will move the living container according to the change of the working place. The following items need to be paid attention to during the movement of the living container.

Item 1: Determine whether to move as a whole or disassemble according to the moving distance. The overall movement is suitable for the situation where the moving distance is relatively short, the number of movements is small, and the labor cost of the disassembly movement is greater than the transportation cost of the overall movement; the disassembly movement is suitable for the situation where the movement distance is long, and the transportation cost of the overall movement is greater than the labor cost of the disassembly movement. Disassembly and movement also need to consider the labor cost of the secondary installation.

Item 2: Some wall panels need to be marked for disassembly and movement. The wall panels where the doors and windows are located and the wall panels where the sockets and switches are located need to be marked in advance before disassembly, so as to facilitate the identification during the second installation. And it is necessary to take anti-scratch measures for all wall panels to prevent scratches on the wall panels from affecting the secondary use.

Item 3: Disassembly and movement requires protective measures for all line joints. All sockets and switches need to be disassembled and electrical tape should be wrapped around the line joints to avoid exposure to prevent potential safety hazards during secondary installation due to bad weather during transportation.

  Except for the residential containers used as traditional houses that are rarely moved, most of the residential containers will be relocated with the completion of the project, and the placement site will be replaced. Being able to move at any time is also one of the reasons why many people choose to live in containers. Understanding the precautions during the moving process can make the living container last longer and save more costs for the user.

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