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Measures for Safety and Quality Assurance of Prefab Houses

by:Lida Group     2022-02-27

Measures for safety and quality assurance of prefabricated houses

We must ensure safety and quality in any industry, especially in the construction industry, we must attach great importance to safety, the following The editor will introduce to you what the safety and quality assurance measures of the prefab house are.

Measures to ensure the safety of construction workers and disclosure of safety technology:

1. According to the characteristics of this project and the 'safety first' First, the principle of 'prevention first

2. Personnel working at heights should undergo physical examination as required.

3. Strengthen the management of construction electricity and strictly implement the regulations of JGJ46-2005.

4. Special type of work certificate holder.

5. Strictly implement the 'Ten Measures' for construction safety proposed in the 'Agreement on Strengthening Labor Protection Work' issued by the State Construction Engineering Administration.

6. Before starting work every day, the team leader shall make a safety technical disclosure and make records, and carefully check the electrical equipment, hoisting rigging, tools, etc. Wear a seat belt and strictly implement the regulations of JG80-91.

The instructions for the use and maintenance of the prefab house are as follows:

1. After the prefab house is installed, the user shall not change it without authorization Structure, shall not dismantle any bolt components, shall not increase or decrease the partition wall, if need to change, it should be changed after negotiation with our factory, otherwise the user is responsible for the consequences.

2. Light steel structural parts should be maintained and painted once in 1-2 years to prolong the life of this product and maintain its appearance.

3. The prefabricated house is connected with the steel structure of the whole building. The user arranges electric lighting equipment. The wires cannot be directly tied to the steel structure. installed to avoid electric shock.

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