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Measures to prevent the foundation of steel structure houses from sinking

by:Lida Group     2022-02-23

Measures to prevent the foundation of steel structure houses from sinking

Steel structure houses are light in weight, superior in seismic performance, flexible in structural layout, and easy to process and install. Features such as high speed are widely used in coal engineering. When the construction of the steel structure workshop has been completed and the preliminary investment has not been made, how can we prevent the foundation of the steel structure workshop from sinking?

The foundation of steel structure houses usually adopts a separate foundation and is designed according to eccentric compression. Simply put, it is reinforcement. All the steel structure columns are circled with I-beam or channel steel to form a mesh.

For the portal rigid frame steel structure house with low height and no crane, the connection between the column foot and the foundation is usually designed by hinge. The top surface of the foundation is only subjected to the vertical pressure generated by the superstructure and the horizontal force generated by the wind load. The additional eccentric bending moment of the foundation bottom surface caused by the horizontal wind load is small, and the foundation design is relatively simple.

For the portal rigid frame steel structure workshop and steel bent frame structure workshop with high height and bridge crane, especially when the crane tonnage is large, in order to effectively In order to improve the anti-lateral movement stiffness of the structure to control the lateral displacement, the column base is usually designed as a transverse rigid connection and a longitudinal hinge connection.

The longitudinal horizontal load of the steel structure house is transmitted to the top surface of the foundation through the support between the columns. In the lateral direction, because the steel structure has light weight, long structural natural vibration period, and relatively small horizontal seismic action, the lateral horizontal load that controls the horizontal load is usually the horizontal braking load of the crane plus the wind formula, and the axial forces of the two rods can be unequal. The formula is based on the theory of elastic stability and is suitable for cross-inclined rods with the same length and the same cross-section.

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