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Mobile home to explain why prefabricated houses so popular favor -

by:Lida Group     2020-10-13
In nowadays, prefabricated houses are very popular, light steel housing system co. , LTD. Foshan city today to explain the advantages of prefabricated houses, let everybody know it more. Advantages: choi steel, very durable. Is not sensitive to wind and rain erosion and air pollution, ability has the very good since, the general dust pollution water wash and clean like new. Advantage 2: light weight products ( 3. 7㎏/㎡) , only for other types of heat preservation practices around one over ten, maximum limit reduce the structure weight, handling convenient installation; Three advantages: prefabricated housing energy conservation and environmental protection. Is made of color steel plate on the surface of the wall building, can greatly improved the wall heat preservation and heat insulation function. Compared to the central Asian metal thermal insulation material of carve patterns or designs on woodwork building it can reduce energy consumption by more than 45%. Summer can greatly reduce the heat energy from sunlight radiation wall conduction to indoor, thus lowered the energy consumption of heating, air conditioning and protect the main structure, can prolong the service life of buildings. Four advantages: scope is very wide, caigang prefabricated house construction and repair of buildings, public buildings, the government of the people building can be used, and without complicated pretreatment was carried out on the building wall; dry installation, not affected by the weather, simple and convenient installation, short construction period. Advantages: five color plate prefabricated housing decoration effect with aluminum plate, stone curtain wall and exterior decoration. Choi steel is a new type of very strong adornment material, plastic, the adornment of the outer surface can according to customer's specific request processing into all sorts of color, can achieve the result of aluminum-plastic plate even more high-grade decorative materials. For more detailed information about the prefabricated houses, welcome to visit our website WWW.
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