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Mobile home to teach you how to do mobile corrosion rust - Trailer the trailer trailer manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-11-05
Guangzhou mobile home to teach you how to do mobile corrosion rust, do a good job in these two aspects, can effectively extend the service life of the period, the corrosion rust do? Let's take a look at the following skills. Trailer is mainly made of light steel, steel, new trailer is paint, with long time paint will corrode bit by bit, in order to prevent corrosion, later still need to paint, paint antirust function in a large extent, depend on the corrosion inhibition of antirust paint. Zinc phosphate, for example, it has the ability of forming alkali type complex, can and have been further complexometric polar group, generate stable crosslinking complex, not only enhances the film water resistance and adhesion, at the same time in light steel structure building materials surface formed a solid iron - zinc - phosphate complex, prevent the formation of rust and, reduce the corrosion rate of light steel structure trailer, thus enhance the service life. Know more about guangzhou trailer for details, please login: WWW.
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