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Mobile toilets help improve epidemic prevention and control capabilities

by:Lida Group     2022-06-14

Nowadays, the pneumonia epidemic has spread rapidly around the world. Every industry related to the past hopes to do some work for the prevention and control of the epidemic through its own strength. Environmentally friendly mobile toilets are of great direct help to the prevention and control of the epidemic.

In order to better prevent and control the epidemic, the best way is to achieve 'early detection, early intervention, and early isolation'. Many countries are also doing this now, and specific measures include building various makeshift hospitals. During the construction of the makeshift hospital, various medical-related equipment needs to be applied, among which the environmentally friendly mobile toilet is one of the very important equipment.

The Fangcang Hospital of Wuhan Environmental Sanitation Department has set up 1619 mobile toilets according to the needs. In order to ensure the safe operation of mobile toilets, To prevent secondary pollution, 90 workers and 24 operating vehicles are dispatched every day, and the feces produced by the Fangcang cabin hospital are centrally processed in strict accordance with the technical regulations for secondary disinfection and sterilization. The management of public toilets has been very strict during the epidemic.

Environmentally friendly mobile toilets can not only provide medical staff with the necessary toilet experience, but also have a certain effect on the expansion of the epidemic. Because the environmentally friendly mobile toilets are closed to process all kinds of feces, it is conducive to the flow of viruses to other parts of the city through the sewers.

The environmentally friendly mobile toilet itself also has the functions of convenient production and simple installation. At the same time, the environmentally friendly mobile toilet itself also has a good odor elimination function, which can provide a good treatment environment for patients or medical staff. Because, environmentally friendly mobile toilets use advanced fecal odor isolation technology, such as using advanced fragrant foam to cover the feces.

Environmentally friendly mobile toilets are of great help to the epidemic. The establishment of mobile public toilets can be said to be a big step in the progress of civilization and the mainstream trend of public toilets. Mobile public toilets have played an important role in the development of society, and their appearance is inevitable in the development of the times.

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