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Mobile use benefit analysis - Trailer, the trailer, trailer building design

by:Lida Group     2020-10-26
Guangdong mobile home not just because of the use of structures, simple and convenient, it also has the function of the assembly and disassembly; If we set up the location of the need to migrate in the future, guangdong mobile can also open the lid. Because it can also be used as a temporary room to use, and now the temporary building standards also has general standardization; And guangdong mobile also conform to such standards. When a disaster, the house can be as a temporary housing. And guangdong mobile in the disaster areas not only useful to the temporary use, also used in industry. Although his installation build very rapid, but this does not affect the structure of the trailer. Guangdong mobile home at the time of building is steel structure, so house built can resist get the speed of the wind speed of one hundred and twenty kilometers per hour. And built by guangdong mobile area, if met earthquake. We don't have to worry about its use, because of guangdong mobile seismic fortification intensity is octave of earthquake disasters. When using this kind of house, also won't appear because of its simple and thermal insulation, waterproof; The effect of itself, the performance is very good. This article from: guangzhou prefabricated houses for more details please visit: WWW. / news79。 HTML shack prefabricated house prices in guangdong foshan prefabricated houses.
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