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Modular construction will become the future trend of the construction industry

by:Lida Group     2020-07-08
Modular construction will become the future trend of the construction industry

on building industrialization road, modular buildings and integrated housing is the result of the development of industrialization, its core concept is standardized prefabricated space module. The precast box shape stereo component with factory construction site assembly into housing, has created an unprecedented architectural image. Shenzhen refined integrated housing co. , LTD. , it is complied with the trend, advocating integration architecture design and application of is China's leading integrated construction.

modern steel structure and green building to illustrate the modern steel structure and the characteristics of green building, combined with comments on domestic and foreign large-scale steel structure engineering, fine steel structure is the green building. Modular architecture to us is not only healthy, but also has a good environment, let the container house and together we feel the warmth of love.

it is well known that the structure of the steel structure is mainly composed of steel material, is one of the main building structure types. Structure is mainly made of steel and steel plate, steel column, steel truss girder artifacts, such as weld is required between each components or parts, bolt, or rivet connection. Because of its weight is lighter, and the construction is simple, widely used in large factories, stadiums, high-rise, and other fields.

the latest news from baidu, in the city there is a green building has completion inspection and acceptance of all steel structure, easy to fold out of industry experience and curiosity, can not help to deeply understand about the difference of the building. That green building is the first full steel structure, on the building must have a unique process and characteristics, let's take a closer understanding. According to introducing, the steel structure has light weight, good ductility, good vibration resistance, industrialization degree higher unique advantages, and thus be favorred by the market, and is widely used.

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