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News Fun Fact: 50 U.S. Prefabs Turned Into Villas After Design

by:Lida Group     2022-05-07

An American designer named Jeffrey Milstein has published a book listing 50 mobile homes in Palm Springs, California, that have been converted into individual cabins , the shape is eye-catching.

It is reported that the mobile house originated from the 'World War II' period and was made of leftover metal sheets from the aircraft factory. Geoffrey said, 'I am a designer, but I am often attracted by economies of scale and unique architectural designs.' Therefore, his book this time gathers a variety of 'villas'.

The book showcases the owners' innovative design ideas, including transforming their homes into Egyptian-style villas and marking driveway exits with hieroglyphs , while building a low fence around the house to give the illusion of being in a moat. Other owners are also ingenious, some decorated the huts with colorful lights, with a strong Christmas atmosphere, some with giant cacti standing in front of the huts, and some of the huts are modeled after the Suzhou gardens in China.

Of course, there are also many characteristic cottages in the book, all of which show the wisdom of the locals. Jeffrey believes that 'these houses are the inspiration of the owners, they are not just houses.'

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