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News story: the trailer after design change between 50 - villa Trailer, prefabricated housing prices, activity control box

by:Lida Group     2020-11-12
An American named Jeffrey dean mills ( 杰弗里·米尔斯汀) Stylist published a book, enumerates the palm springs, California 50 mobile home, they are converted into hut, distinctive modelling is a bright. It is reported, trailer from & other; World war ii & throughout; Period, the use of aircraft factory produced by the rest of the sheet metal. Jeffrey said, & other; I am a designer, but are often drawn to scale economy and unique architectural design. ” So, he published the book offer the various & other; Villa & throughout; 。 Book shows the owners very innovative design ideas, have converted into Egypt amorous feelings of the villa, the building with hieroglyphs lane mark of exports, at the same time around the house and built a circle of low fences, give a person a kind of place oneself the moat of illusion. And other owners also do not provide craftsmanship, some for house decoration lights, has a strong Christmas atmosphere, some house stand before a giant cactus, and cabin model simulates the suzhou gardens in China. , of course, there are many characteristics in the book of the cabin, shows the wisdom of the locals. Jeffrey thinks & other; These houses condenses the inspiration of the owners, they not only houses. ” Visit our official website to know more details: http://www. Gzkeda。 cn/
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