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Note - when prefabricated housing construction Prefabricated housing manufacturers

by:Lida Group     2020-11-04

prefabricated houses is the construction of housing construction, it not only easy to use, can tear open outfit arbitrary combination, not only can be used for housing, can also be used for the isolation, then something about Qingdao prefabricated housing construction matters needing attention:

1, prefabricated house construction site using a mobile fence must meet the requirements of strength and stability, ensure the safety of the structure and defense strong typhoon, rainstorm snow and the ability of a lightning strike. At the same time should comply with the civilization hygiene, fire protection, environmental protection and use function requirements. 2, prefabricated housing wall installation company should strictly in accordance with the requirements of installation instruction manual for installation, each application should be self acceptance, and have the record, the program acceptance is unqualified, shall not enter next installation program. It is strictly prohibited to illegally to install and use the unit installation without authorization. 3, after the project, use the unit dealing with prefabricated housing walls for maintenance, safety inspection and testing of steel beam, etc, to rust removing paint of metal structure, and make record, ensure use safety intact next time.

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