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One container just like a normal house and to clean

by:Lida Group     2020-07-19
Live one container just like a normal house and to clean in one container with ordinary building a house also should be cleaned on a regular basis, to ensure orderly, how to live one container cleaning? Small make up teach you from these a few respects consideration. Cleaning method choice:

according to the journal of hazardous chemicals security specifications provided by the main composition and properties, physical and chemical properties, the goods can be preliminary judgment, the ease of cleaning; According to the stability and reactivity, and the physical and chemical properties, the cleaning reagent and the method can choose to use. According to the health hazards, emergency measures, protective measures, toxicology data information, can make operation personnel protection work; According to the explosion properties and fire control, storage and transportation considerations, leakage emergency handling, can clean the scene to prevent job; According to the leakage emergency handling, environmental data, such as abandoned, can make 'three wastes' treatment, protect the environment.

container cleaning method:

chemical cleaning ( Such as container shipment for epoxy resin, epoxy chloropropane, etc. , cleaning) , manual and mechanical cleaning ( Such as container shipment for silica sol cleaning) of the cargo , steam cleaning, Such as container shipment for food grade alcohol cleaning) of the cargo , mixed cleaning ( Such as container shipment for emulsion cleaning) of the cargo 。 Select the correct cleaning method can save cost, reduce the waste pollution environment, and reduce the cleaning method discomfort and cause of casing damage. At the same time, will inevitably exist in the process of container cleaning health, environmental protection, security issues, such as cleaning the goods in the process of residual fluid collection treatment, waste gas collection, cleaning produce the collection of waste liquid treatment and cleaning process of supervision, the quality of detection. These are the people need to concern.

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