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Only in this way can the container office, be called senior feeling!

by:Lida Group     2020-07-20
Only in this way can the container office, be called senior feeling!

strewn at random the height on the one hand, make full use of the space of

on the other hand, shorten the distance between people

'advanced grey' and 'ivory white' the mass-tone attune of the

keeps the container office of industrial beauty

and let the container office is - — Senior feeling

large French window to ensure that the container office daylighting enough

on the vision widened the whole area of

work, take a look at the blue sky outside the window look

those who constantly shuttle boats

life so plentiful good

simple office furniture office supplies of neat

container strewn at random have the layout of office every senior feeling written all exist

container office installed high performance heat insulation sandwich board

from intrusion of atrocious weather

these sandwich board directly fixed on the framework of container

exist in Windows, roof components such as identity, pipes,

has made great container office installation and removal of

is conducive to the overall relocation and fast moving

barren industrial base in Copenhagen on

container office is the last rose of

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