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Optimization of buckling consideration of room and column of prefabricated container house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-15

The buckling of the prefab house is also called structural instability. It means that when the load on the structure reaches a certain value, if a tiny disturbance force is added, the equilibrium configuration of the structure will be in a new form , even if the small interference force is removed, the structure cannot be restored to its original state. This situation is called structural instability or buckling, and the corresponding load is called buckling load or critical load. In modern times, structural stability theory focuses on the buckling forms (branch buckling or extreme value buckling), buckling modes, and post-buckling equilibrium paths of structures. There are three types of equilibrium states of any object: stable equilibrium state, unstable equilibrium state, and casual equilibrium state. After an object makes an infinitely small deviation from its equilibrium position, if the object can still return to its original equilibrium position, this equilibrium state is called stable equilibrium; if an object deviates slightly from its equilibrium position, it cannot return to its original position. , but continue to deviate, this state is called an unstable equilibrium state; a casual equilibrium state is often an intermediate state or a critical state that transitions from an equilibrium state to an unstable state.

Container movable panel room columns are compression-bending members, which are easy to fail due to instability during use, which precedes strength failure. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the factor of buckling to optimize them.

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