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Package box housing development trend in the future

by:Lida Group     2020-07-12
Package box room for the future development trend with China's rapid economic development, standardization, standardization of overlay box room is the first choice for large-scale infrastructure projects. Building standards and requirements also more and more high, packaging box house has been recommended as standard engineering use,

we have been in life will be subject to 'low carbon' life, although the improvement is not big, but the emergence of the mobile home of low-carbon life defend, is the pronoun of low-carbon life. The architectural concept is more and more entrenched, so the trailer is now everywhere.

packaging container of the building is said to be building high-tech product, more is known as green building. Container room as a kind of excellent building products, to adapt to the national sustainable development strategy, container house construction, is advantageous to the progress of the technical level of the national construction and the improvement of industrialization. As compared with the traditional concrete structure and masonry structure, container house residence has many obvious advantages. Package box room each box adopts the modular design, factory, precast production, as the basic unit in enclosure, can be used alone, also can be formed by the different combination of horizontal and vertical direction on the wide use of space, vertical superposition of up to three layers. Its main structure is made of high quality steel plate, custom and standard components through galvanized processing surface, the anticorrosion performance is superior, the box and the box by bolt connection between, simple structure, it has more fire prevention, moistureproof, wind, heat insulation, flame retardant, the advantages of the installation is more convenient and quick, has gradually get the favor of users.
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