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Packaging box which have advantages compared with mobile

by:Lida Group     2020-06-25
Packaging box has the advantages compared with trailer which

production of packaging boxes, living house container, container house, spelling a packing house, container house materials, fast LCL framework, accessories, etc. , these aspects are beyond the prefabricated housing

1, performance contrast

packing box seismic magnitude 8, 11 level wind resistance, long service life, and green environmental protection, can be recycled. Packing box and trailer on earthquake wind resistance performance contrast trailer earthquake magnitude 7, wind magnitude 9, the service life of eight years, use 2 to tear open outfit 3 times. Needed for comparison, basic packaging box foundation is more simple, can do strip can also do pier foundation, can not even do the foundation, directly on the ground, indoor ground without having to do ground processing.

packaging box - — Clean the large span of office premises

trailer based processing is trouble, need pouring concrete foundation, and the foundation can't use again. 3 contrast, installation package box room fast installation, short construction period, four workers for half a day to complete installation of the single box; Can also be FCL shipping, to the scene after connect water and electricity can be used. Packaging box installation site trailer concrete foundation, take the main body, needs to be done with the color steel plate, suspended ceiling, water and electricity installed, installation time is long, the cycle of 20 - 30 days, and there is high risk operation risks and artificial job losses.

mobile installation site

4, contrast transport packaging box can be compressed by flattening or full container transportation, realize a variety of ways to transport, saving the long-distance transportation costs. Mobile after disassembling materials is scattered more, transportation more trouble. 5, application field contrast, commercial, military packaging box can be used in camp, tourism, etc. , with offices, showrooms, sales offices, supermarkets, home, apartment, such as form, improve the residential use of comfort, to meet the needs of life and entertainment. Widely used packaging box trailer is used only for basic overlay construction site. The trailer 6 at the construction site. Structure contrast packaging box is welded structure, using the technology of the galvanized, steel structure by the structure of the system, the ground system, floor, wall system, roofing system, each system is composed of several modular units, unit module have been built in a factory, building site performed by unit module assembly. They are fashion, unusual, installation fast, easy to move and transport, is advantageous for the demolition and storage, and environmentally friendly. Packaging box body framework trailer is a kind of light steel as skeleton, sandwich board, for retaining materials, small resistance, in the foundation is not solid, typhoon, earthquake, etc. , easy to collapse. Trailer subject architecture 7, packaging box design contrast is introduced into modern design elements, according to the product category and customer demand, customized services. Packing box can shorten, strewn at random stack up and down, left and right sides elongation arbitrary assembly, build large space, personalized home. The house of the adjustable base, also can adapt to the requirement of different ground. Beauty as god's packaging box trailer design with raw materials, including steel, plate as a unit for the installation, sealing, sound insulation, fire prevention, moistureproof, heat insulation, etc. Poor performance. Contrast 8, energy conservation and environmental protection packing box to 'factory + installation' mode, the construction site does not produce construction waste. After the demolition of the project, also won't legacy construction waste, won't destroy the resident environment. Recycled packaging box, ferry zero loss, reduce environmental pressure. High energy conservation and environmental protection level of appearance and packaging boxes, mobile site will damage to local environment, and ferry construction waste, low utilization ratio.
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