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Parsing the container what are the different material selection

by:Lida Group     2020-06-28
Parsing live are not like container material chooses what

with the social development, the current market demand for live one container, live one container are widely used in many places, began to have more and more manufacturers in one container sales, the live person selected for container material on the market is different also, difference is very big.

live one container frame channel steel and the main material is do do wall caigang sandwich board smallpox, these two materials directly influences the quality of living quality of container. The difference of channel steel is mainly channel steel thickness differences, some production of live container while looking at the same appearance, but the thickness of the steel channel is different, the production of container holding capacity is also different. Or containers can be stacked three layer, can withstand greater pressure, and some live one container only fold two layers, under the pressure that comes with a pile of three layers. Channel steel thickness is not enough, easy to bend when under pressure, led to live one container appear deformation, affect the service life. This container in a short period of time for people don't see changes, but in the long run after prone to problems such as deformation, collapse, is likely to endanger the safety of the people who live people inside the container. Therefore, live one container of channel selection has certain standards, not because of cost savings but with sub-par channel steel material, so it is easy to appear problem.

white top white box and iron cap white box container types of living people, caigang sandwich board material is good or bad directly affect the service life of the container. Caigang sandwich board materials currently on the market is uneven, some container house, some used in prefabricated houses, in the different USES of caigang sandwich plate of steel plate thickness difference is very big. Caigang sandwich board for prefabricated houses if used in one container, after a few months caigang sandwich board may fall off steel plate, rust and a series of problems, lead to damage the living one container. Therefore, live one container must use dedicated to one container of caigang sandwich board, not because of the need to reduce the cost of using do not conform to the standard of caigang sandwich board, that affect the service life of the people living container, do more harm than good.

live one container material should choose to conform to the standard of raw material, so production out of live people container quality guaranteed, can use longer.
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