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Partition wall material of light steel keel house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-12

Even if the light keel multi-layer partition wall is filled with sound-absorbing materials such as centrifugal glass wool, the low-frequency sound insulation capacity cannot be completely compared with the heavy wall, and the weighted sound insulation is also rwu003d50db Compared with the concrete wall and the light wall, at the frequency of 125hz, the sound insulation of the concrete partition wall is ru003d40db, while the sound insulation of the light wall is about 24db. A favorable factor is that the human ear is not sensitive to low frequencies, so light walls can fully meet the sound insulation requirements in most language environments, but in occasions with serious low-frequency sounds such as mechanical noise and discotheques, it must be considered whether the low-frequency sound insulation is sufficient. The main reason for the poor low-frequency sound insulation of light walls is that the wall panels are relatively soft and difficult to block low-frequency sound with large vibration amplitudes and long wavelengths. At the same time, the low-frequency sound absorption performance of sound-absorbing materials in the cavity is also relatively limited.

Light steel keel: The better the elasticity of the keel, the better the sound insulation performance, especially the low frequency sound insulation is significantly improved. The elasticity of light steel structure building is better than that of wood keel, so the weighted sound insulation of light steel keel light wall is 1~3db higher than that of wood keel light wall. If the Z-type vibration-damping light steel keel is used, the weighted sound insulation can be increased by 1~2db. If the s-type vibration-damping strip is used on the keel, the weighted sound insulation can be increased by 2db. If two layers of completely separated keels are used (without any connection between the keels), the sound insulation can be improved by 5~7db. The wider the keel, that is, the larger the cavity, the better the sound insulation performance. The weighted sound insulation of a 100-thick keel is about 1db higher than that of a 75-thick keel. The sparser the screw spacing for installing light steel wall panels, the better the sound insulation performance, because the sparse nail spacing makes the rigidity of the wall connection worse. According to the measurement, the 300mm nail spacing is 0.5 higher than the 250mm nail spacing weighted sound insulation. db or so, but the nail distance should not be too sparse, because the strength of the wall must be guaranteed.

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