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Points to note for on-site construction in steel structure processing

by:Lida Group     2022-02-22

Steel structure processing and production points for attention in site construction

At the steel structure construction site, the main reference is the steel structure processing and production , its design has a major relationship with the success or failure of the entire project. If the design is unreasonable, the project may fail. Therefore, there are very strict requirements for the design of the structural system. The steel structure company is in the design process. What should I pay attention to?

Sometimes users will find that some steel structures will leak on the roof after using for a period of time. If this is a problem caused by non-construction It is a problem in the early stage of steel structure design, because most of the roofs of steel structure buildings are made of sandwich panels. If the thermal expansion and contraction under the sun are not considered in the design, the span design will be biased. , there will be several break marks on the outer layer of the roof panel, which is the main culprit for water leakage; in the design of steel structure, if there is a gutter, the tie rod cannot be designed to be close to the top of the column, otherwise it will Ken can lead to inability to install downspouts for steel companies.

In addition, the location of gutter downpipes, tie rods and inter-column supports must be considered well, otherwise either the tie rods or the inter-column supports will be hit. On the horizontal support, the arrangement of the bolts of the turnbuckles should not deviate too much from the position of the main beam, and should consider how to install, how to be safe and reliable, and do not put the horizontal support and the corner support together; in the process of steel structure design, also It is necessary to consider a little bit of small details. For example, when doing large-scale projects, the numbering of the drawings must be deepened, and the problem of convenient production and installation must be taken into account. When designing the position of high-strength bolts, it is necessary to consider twisting and breaking. The construction space of the high-strength bolt and the torque wrench should not be installed. Because the space is too small, the twist-breaker and the torque wrench cannot be in place, etc., resulting in the high-strength bolt Torx head cannot be broken or the high-strength bolt cannot be tightened, etc. Another important point in the design of steel structures is to consider what kind of building materials are used for the exterior walls, and the locations where different materials are designed are also different steel structure companies.

There are still many problems in the steel structure company. The above has not been fully written out, such as the joint plates, windows, beams and columns, etc. A lot of attention should be paid to the steel structure. Although the processing is simple and fast, the design of the steel structure is very complicated, and its influence is also the greatest.

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