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Popularize knowledge of the causes of fire in prefabricated houses to prevent fires

by:Lida Group     2022-02-21

The popularization of knowledge about the causes of fire in prefabricated houses to prevent fires

Now the use of prefabricated houses is becoming more and more frequent, so about prefabricated houses The safety of the prefab house is also a very noteworthy issue. The special attention should be paid to the problem of fire. Let us explain how to prevent the fire in the prefab house.

1. When building the prefab house, the construction materials of the prefab house are all exposed, and many of these materials are flammable, so in the When using it, you must pay attention to the preservation of these materials, otherwise the prefab house will be ignited by yourself before it is built.

2. After the prefab house is completed, try not to use fire-related things in the prefab house, because the high temperature may cause the prefab house to be damaged. In order to avoid the burning of polystyrene, it is better not to let there be any fire sources near the prefabricated house. Before building the prefabricated house, it must be investigated.

3. Before building prefabricated houses, be sure to hold a meeting on fire awareness training for employees, because many materials for building prefabricated houses are flammable, so goodbye During the walk, special attention should be paid to the control of the fire source. Only workers who know how to pay attention will avoid the occurrence of fire.

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