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Precautions for steel structure construction and welding, price of steel structure workshop

by:Lida Group     2022-02-27

Precautions for steel structure construction and welding, steel structure workshop price

Welders should check the assembly sequence of steel structure welding parts and the quality of surface cleaning , welding can be performed only after qualified. When the groove assembly gap exceeds the allowable deviation, surfacing and grinding can be performed on one or both sides of the groove to make it meet the requirements. However, when the groove assembly gap exceeds the thickness of the thinner plate by 2 times or more than 20mm, surfacing welding should not be used. method to increase the member length. When measuring the butt centerline of the steel structure box girder, for those beyond the allowable deviation range of the centerline, the method of adjusting the gap between the annular seams and fine-tuning the port of the beam segment is used to correct and eliminate the out-of-tolerance part of the centerline. Because the force of beam section splicing on site and beam section factory production matching pre-assembly is different, it is easy to cause misalignment of spliced u200bu200bjoints, and the amount of misalignment exceeds the allowable deviation, so it is necessary to correct and adjust the price of steel structure workshop.

When the wind speed in the operation area reaches or exceeds 8m/s during the welding of steel structure workshop, a windproof shed or other windproof measures should be set up; the relative humidity of the steel structure welding operation area It should not be greater than 90%; when the welding surface is wet or covered with ice and snow, dehumidification and dehumidification measures should be taken. When the ambient temperature of the welding operation area is lower than 0 degrees, the base metal within the range of more than or equal to 2 times the thickness of the steel plate and not less than 100mm in all directions of the welding area should be heated to above 20 °C before welding, and the welding process should be uniform. must not be lower than this temperature.

Steel structure workshop price Light steel structure house is currently the most environmentally friendly and energy-saving house with development potential, and has been popularized in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan Promoted, it not only replaces the traditional residential model, but also completely uses industrially produced building materials. It integrates many advantages and is the best product for the living environment of human society in the 21st century.

1. Replace traditional red brick and concrete. The steel structure house breaks through the traditional construction mode of 'Qin Bricks and Han Tile' in China, and is known as 'the fourth residential revolution. It has a high degree of industrialization, which facilitates the formation of a standard building system, and realizes the factoryization of components and the mechanization of construction. Production.

2. The price of steel structure workshop is good in energy saving, not only higher than that of wood structure house, but also more than 60% energy saving than that of brick-concrete house. All steel structure materials can be recycled.

3. Steel structure houses have high strength, good wind resistance and earthquake resistance. Especially in earthquake areas, steel structure houses are the same as brick-concrete structures. Compared with residential buildings, it has an overwhelming advantage in the price of steel structure workshops.

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