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Precise components anticorrosive processing method Housing, the housing prices, wholesale houses

by:Lida Group     2020-10-11
Small make up today to tell you about guangzhou housing component anti-corrosion treatment, guangzhou housing USES is light steel structure, what are the methods on anticorrosive processing? We all know that metal chemical instability, want to let the stabilized, is by some way, inhibitory activity. In fact in our life, we often use to metal, but without exception is the appearance of the metal coating a layer of special material, make its not exposed in the air. But when this special material damage, steel members will be corrosion, so how to solve this problem? Come let us know. Steel members of anticorrosion treatment of big local manufacturing in the factory to complete the north region or compare with boring environment, also can increase the primer to 70 - a dry film thickness 80 microns, cancel the intermediate paint. Anticorrosion treatment can be divided into cleaning & rarr; Primer & rarr; The middle paint & rarr; Paint several processes to complete. On the basis of the usefulness of light steel structure building, astronomical position, the different climate conditions, to sure corrosion protection plan and processes all basic request. Blast ( Or sand) The disposal of the steel members common to reach the nation standard Sa2 appearance. Level 5 above, minimum not below Sa2 level, component after the disposal of 8 hours to start brushing primer, primer ordinary with red lead alkyd antirust primer, epoxy zinc-rich primer and inorganic zinc-rich primer, anticorrosive ability better is zinc rich primer, zinc powder content in the dry paint film can be reached more than 80%, have very good cathode maintenance effect, avoid galvanic corrosion. Intermediate paint with scaly middle paint, paint film paints are arranged layer, can shield effect, the progress of the coating increased water vapor, carbon dioxide, penetration resistance, have played an important role in strengthening the anti-corrosion effect, and finish with alkyd ready-mixed paint and aliphatic polyurethane paint, epoxy and fluorocarbon or good anticorrosion performance. For the status quo of our domestic anticorrosive process requirements and the selection of the same, and the quality of the anticorrosive coating, is a big race court. The same paint consumption of different factory different brand, so that the quality of the same brand and the price difference is very big, because the paint manufacturer in small, scattered, low consumption of the private sector accounts for a considerable proportion of, and some not standard, the consumption of steel structure enterprise to reduce capital, at the expense of the quality and choose low levels of anticorrosive coating, low quality of engineering. Log on to our website for more details: http://www. Gzkeda。 cn
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