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Prefab house enterprises need to build the core competitiveness of product quality in an all-round way

by:Lida Group     2022-01-22

The development time of the prefabricated house industry in China is not short, and the whole industry is relatively mature. Although the current prefabricated house industry is affected by a series of internal and external factors, the development momentum is not as fast as in previous years, but huge market opportunities still exist, and the market competition between enterprises is becoming more and more fierce. In the fierce competition situation, how should enterprises improve their competitiveness? Enterprise development needs to ensure product quality At present, more and more enterprises are embarking on the road of channel sinking, and it can be seen from time to time that they hold high the banner of 'Zhao County and City'. Industry insiders believe that the key to ensuring the sinking of channels is the product. 'Sinking is not the unique strategy of a certain company, but the transformation of most companies in recent years, but forced to attack, reckless and rational, will get the opposite result. This is also related to the characteristics of the enterprise itself.' Some enterprises have started extensive market research as early as the beginning of the sinking. 'Product positioning without in-depth actual investigation, or learning from local companies may lead to acclimatization.' A brand person in charge said frankly that with quality as the bottom line and design as the core, this will become a ' The sharpest tool in the sinking process. Enterprises need to build their core competitiveness in an all-round way to meet the needs of consumers. It is the foundation of the survival and development of the manufacturing industry. In recent years, consumer demand has changed from the initial 'resolving shortages' to a variety of 'individual enjoyment'. For this reason, enterprises should Strengthen consumer research and achieve segmented design through crowd 'portraits'. Indeed, designing products according to the needs of consumers can not only maximize the satisfaction of consumers' needs, but also allow enterprises to gain consumer recognition. In addition, in the words of industry insiders, 'for consumers, it is necessary to achieve the 'last meter' service. Only by constantly exploring how to meet consumer needs and conform to consumer habits, so as to gain the sincere approval of consumers, can we push the envelope. The manufacturing industry is truly transformed and upgraded.' At the moment when the market is weak, enterprises need to take products as the sharp knife to build their core competitiveness in all aspects.

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