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Prefab house manufacturers analyze the advantages of prefab house

by:Lida Group     2022-02-26

Prefab house manufacturers analyze the advantages of prefabricated houses

With the acceleration of the pace of reform and development, my country's economy has developed rapidly, and urbanization has been carried out in a large-scale and orderly manner . At present, this process will continue for 350 years. The mobile house has been transformed from the previous temporary building development to a permanent building. Many industrial plants, hotels, warehouses, offices, restaurants, guard boxes, mobile toilets, large, medium and small supermarkets, shops, breeding houses, field work and camping projects all use colorful Steel mobile home. With the long-term practical experience, the improvement of the design and construction level, the performance of the prefab house has been greatly improved, making the color steel house, the grid house, and the prefab house industry enduring.

1 Prefab house manufacturers can save most of the materials, manpower and funds by using color board prefab houses.

2 Our prefab house adopts high-quality metal engraved thermal insulation color steel plate as the wall, which greatly improves the thermal insulation function of the wall. 40% less energy consumption than ordinary houses. In summer, the heat in the house is greatly reduced, and the heating and air conditioning are allowed to rest for a while. It can also extend the life of the building.

3 The color of the color steel plate can be changed according to the customer's opinion, and the color of the outer layer is more beautiful than ordinary houses.

4 The color board room is very easy to clean because of its smooth surface. Dust stains can be wiped off with a damp towel, and things like ink can be easily wiped off, and the site can be changed at any time, and can be reused N times.

5 The prefabricated prefab house manufacturers color panels are light in weight and easy to transport. The prefabricated prefab house is the first choice for construction companies, road and bridge groups, industrial plants, warehouses, etc. .

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